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Do you have a very good
windy location onshore on the hills?

We have technical solutions
for your projects on hills.


• Now the best wind potential from the hills can be used

(where is impossible to install normal wind turbines because no space

on top of the hill or impossible to transport to the locations)

• Safe for birds.

(BirdLife's partner DOPPS, choose this concept to be the safest for birds)

• 60 years lifespan.

(Designed based on good examples from past that endure over 60 years)

• Increase the power of an existing wind farms.

(Use of infrastructure roads, connection to grid)

• 100% Recyclable.

(Windex module is made from recyclable metals)

• Designed for extreme wind speeds.

(Additional anchors connected with wires)

Windex_hexagon copy.png

The best solution
for wind energy
projects in the hills
modular units

Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 21.15.54.png

The best wind energy potential onshore is
at the hills



Why is there even room for WindexEnergy modular units? 

Wind turbines today are reaching their super giant size.
Thats why parts are so big, that can't reach the best onshore wind potential that is on top of the hills.


- Windex units have simillar of even better ROI of projects 

- Windex units are designed for 60 year of lifespan

- Windex units are safe for birds 

- Windex units don't produce infrasound 

- Windex units are fully recyclable

Wind Turbines in the Mountains

“After denial of previous wind farm plans, I am now enthusiastic to restart my wind farm project”

James Reid

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